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Whelp, if you guys are interested on joining SL then let me handout a few tips on SL that you need to know. Now SL is basically... I would like to call it a game but it's not a game it's more of a open sim chat place or something. I'm not going to get into that. I'm just going to offer my help and tips to you guys.

1. Don't download Secondlife defaul viewer. Because their default viewer is pretty lame. Instead, download firestorm viewer. It's alot easier to use and save outfits you like wearing and best for editing and modifying your avatar's look.  So just create you secondlife account and skip downloading SL viewer. 

Link to download firestorm:…

2. How to use firestorm? I won't explains hours on how to use it. Instead, I'm going to show you videos that will walk you through this.

Video one: 

Guideline ist of videos:…

3. Learn about linden money. How to get it. It's best to buy your linden money from the secondlife site instead of trying to earn it (which will take forever), however! if you're an artist you can do commission on SL to earn linden which will benefit you more, because you have the option to sell your linden for real cash. Isn't that amazing? But if you're not an artist you can always find a SL job or so. I don't know how that works but people do make money on here. If you're planning on uploading your art to SL make sure the size is small or meddle size.

4. Now if you're into anime or musclebound stuff and you want to create you own dream avatar then checkout SL's market place. You can find the stuff you're looking for. When you make your purchase ALWAYS read the notecards that come with it. It will give instructions on how things work.

5. Work on your profile. Don't worry about default pictures. Just work on your profile and explain about yourself. You can be creativity or normal. Just don't be that guys that type "hi i horny for fmg" or something like a creeper would say. Because making bad first impression isn't going to end well.

6. Learn your way around the land. Make sure you're not entering in other homes or private land without their permission or invite first. Otherwise you will get boot. 

7. Making good first impression: Simple really. just don't be a horny creep, keep it in your pants, be polite and friendly. Don't hesitated to ask for help too. There is folks that love to help new beginners out.

8. This is a very important one. KEEP your inventory organize! create files, separate stuff, keep copies in certain folders you like. ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS create copies and keep certain stuff safe. Because I know and you know you will make some mistake. That's okay, but create back-up copies. That and keep inventory organize

9. If your a muscle fan and trying to find musclebound females, try searching up Sunset muscle on SL search bar and on the very top it will show you the land to teleport at. But if you're not a muscle fan well... You can check out different places or stores or anywhere you like. Even RP sim lands. There is tons of RP sims places you can try out.

10. role playing is allowed, but just make sure to ask them first if they want to role play or not.

Whelp that's all that I know of. OH! Yeah, this one important too but ALWAYS read the rules of each sim land you visit.  

Whelp, that's everything I know of for now. Have fun exploring on SL.


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It's a secret to everyone. <3
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Just your normal newbie artist who enjoys drawing other people's OCs for fun, just as much as I enjoy drawing my own OCs whenever my muse desire to active.

I'm sorry for being inactive for so many years, I just been dealing with my own life before.
Anyway, I'm glad to be back in action again. Ready to draw again!~

I don't accept random requests. Sorry, but no.
I do art trades, however I like to start drawing first before the other artist starts. As in, I want to get their request done first before they start working on my requests.
I am hoping to do commissions soon whenever I'm really ready to get into that.

I do RP whenever my muse is up for it. But, DO NOT ask me to RP as anyone else. I will only RP as the characters /OCs I made and that's final. >.>


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